Daddy's Disappointment Sweatshirt

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This soft black hoodie sweatshirt features detachable chains that add so much DRAMA to the look. The shiny silver print on the front adds a futuristic flare, and paired with our Bad Bunny Trousers, you'll have the perfect fall look. High-cut at the waist, silver hoop hangs under the neck. Cuz we've all got daddy issues.

Handmade to order with care in our Berlin studio at Sonntagstrasse 28 -- Shop Radical. Come see us! 

Why choose us?

Reason one

We hand sew each and every piece in our Berlin studio. Buying from us means supporting our team of seamstresses, not a huge company abroad.

Buy local, buy unique.

Reason two

Cuz we make the coolest shit! We don't follow trends, we make them. Show off, turn heads, do whatever the hell you want.

When you wear IVY, we want you to feel confident enough to change the whole damn world.